Doomer Doug is increasingly frustrated by the truly astounding level of clinical insanity now going on in the Ukraine. I mean, I get the Kiev government is full of Himmler SS groupies. I get that NATO, the EU, and the Three Stooges: Obama, Biden, and Kerry, are lunatics. Doomer Doug gets all that. Still, I look at credible reports Ukraine’s military is now openly shelling that city with 155 mm Howitzers. I get the far right types are casually engaged in what the West and NATO called war crimes in Yugoslavia. I get there is no longer any possibility of a political or diplomatic solution. I just don’t get why people in the western nations have so far completely misread Putin’s intentions.

     It is clear to Doomer Doug Putin’s end game is now fully in play. I have said from Day One Putin’s goal was to use civil disorder and subversion efforts to create the scenario he needed for a “peacekeeping deployment.” Putin has now done so. The level of stupidity from Kiev, NATO, the EU, and the Three Stooges has seen to that. I do not like what I have seen so far. I will tell you quite honestly, this pales compared to what is now coming. We are going to see a level of violence unseen since Yugoslavia. We are going to see everybody pouring troops into that one city. Kiev has apparently decided to seek a military solution to that city declaring independence. There is no military solution option left for Kiev. There is certainly the release of truly staggering levels of ethnic cleansing, open warfare, and chaos. This is where the situation is now. This is where it is heading in the near future.

     I will also say that Putin is now on the move. News reports, based on NATO information, show a large number of Russian combat troops are now headed from deployment positions directly at the Ukraine border. Putin will simply not allow Ukraine’s military to shell that city into burning rubble. The comments by that JACKASS in Kiev calling for what amounts to a genocide of anybody remaining in that city seals the deal. I can assure you that this rant is being played on every Russian media outlet right now. It is a green light for Putin. It is a direct threat to ethnic Russians. It is a direct threat to Russia and Putin. It is a direct threat to murder women and children. Is the West so truly blind they don’t understand how Putin will respond to this?


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