BLOG ISSUES 7-5-2013

This blog has not generated either the financial support or viewing numbers I feel it should. I am going to give it a rest and see what happens.

Besides, there is not much point commenting on what even the most ignorant Sheeple can see is going on. The level of global chaos in the last 90 days is truly amazing. I intend to enjoy summer and imbibe as much Fukushima radiation as I can.

Again, the defining event for the human species is the ongoing radiation releases from Fukushima. The large amount of lethal radiation going into the air and ocean is spreading all over the globe. It will mutate human life over the next 10,000 years or so. 2 plus years into this ecological disaster we are seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of human disease, contamination of the global food chain and permanent damage to our planet’s ecosystem.

All else, military, political and economic pales into nothing compared to the radiation damage the human species has inflicted upon Earth and our DNA. The ability of the powers that be to suppress the truth is another example of why the human species deserves what is happening. TEPCO has no idea what to do about Fukushima. By burning the radioactive debris, they have started the process of making Japan uninhabitable for centuries to come.

The law of threefold return means you get three times the result of the original action. We have now begun the several thousand year process of turning Earth into a radioactive wasteland.

Take care. There is no future. There is only the ongoing destruction of this beautiful planet that we have plundered and now radiated.

One Comment

  1. I understand the financial issues, Doug. I’ve got plenty here myself. But as far as interest in your blog goes just know you’ve got some devoted readers who would miss your musings on the end. Either way, enjoy the summer as much as you can.


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