Two scandals from the 1990s have now emerged from the mists of time to threaten Obama, the Clinton Crime Cabal, Eric Holder and many senior Democratic power holders in Washington, D.C.
The Massacre at Waco has stirred into life due to the assertions of new evidence by the man who made the movie about Waco. We shall see what this is about. It can’t come as good news for Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. By the way, the Vince Foster suicide is directly linked to his shame over what happened at Waco. The fact that Hellary removed two boxes of documents from Mr. Foster’s office has never been explained.

The second 90s scandal is TWA Flight 800 that crashed due a fuel tank explosion according to the official report. Two of the senior investigators involved with that report have retired. They now say, with their pension safely in hand, that the report covered up the fact it was a missile hitting the plane. If you remember it was Pierre Schlesinger who gave a press conference and said it was a missile from a botched US Navy exercise. He was JFK’s press secretary so it was rather amazing to see how the liberal press trashed him as a conspiracy fruitcake. At any rate, these two former government officials have now stated they falsified a federal investigation and committed perjury. Assuming they go before a Senate panel and make the same claims they can be charged with perjury. Until they do that, Doomer Doug will wait and see what happens.
Doomer Doug felt back in 1996 Flight 800 was covered up by the Clinton administration to prevent a terror attack being admitted prior to the November election. We also now know that the Chinese gentleman “democratic fund raiser’ was convicted of giving campaign contributions from the Chinese government directly to the Clinton campaign. It is called treason. Fortunately for Bill Clinton the actual conviction happened many years after 1996.
So there are those two scandals that have the ability to take down Eric Holder, Bill and Hellary Clinton and many senior Democrats.

Obama also has his big 4 scandals.
1. Benghazi. This will also impact Hellary and involves the transfer of arms to the Syrian rebels among other things.
2. Fast and Furious. this involves the butcher of Waco Eric Holder. Holder is directly responsible for the murders of several hundred Mexican citizens, a US Border Patrol Agent and has lied under oath to the US House panel.

3. NSA and Prism. the fact that the Obama administration has charged the hero Snowden with treason pretty much says it all about our hope and change hypocrite. Obama, like Bush, Clinton etc is only upset he got caught.

4. The AP wiretapping scandal.
Of all the scandals this one has had the most lethal impact on our Nobel Peace Prize winning warmonger and Marxist thug. Obama has started chewing on the hand that feeds him with this one. You know things are bad for our Marxist thug Obama when the New York TImes has an editorial saying he has lost all credibility. Well this is not news to Doomer Doug or his blog readers. The fact the New York Times admits it is proving lethal to Obama. The reason all the other scandals are now gaining traction is the whore media is no longer filtering them out. The reason they are not doing so is they are seriously ticked at Obama for spying on them. If Obama spied on conservatives etc the New York Times and the AP couldn’t care less. It is the fact that Obama screwed them that is why they are letting Obama take his chances.

Obama has now started the early phases of the Syrian War. The reason is he needs a wag the dog type distraction to avoid being impeached. Obama is also dealing with a collapsing economy.
All in all, we may yet get rid of this scumbag. Of course, the Republican traitors in the US Senate will make all of this moot when they let in the filthy hordes of disease ridden foreigners in this immigration bill. Let the end come quickly, I say. Let the illusions end and the consequences begin. It may be the USA doesn’t deserve to make it. The leadership is too corrupt, and the people too ignorant and distracted. We shall see.


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