All Braying Bernie has to do is open his mouth. He hints the endless flow of fiat money won’t be used to buy up stocks and bonds and you get a stock market rout. The global stock markets are now like crackheads. They need the fix of the addictive flow of fiat money to keep rising. When Braying Bernie hints that is no longer so, they start falling.
The Nikkei is down several hundred points in the open today over what Braying Bernie said yesterday. The US markets went down several hundred points while he was speaking.
The new reality is that unless the endless debt becomes even more endless there is no growth. Again, there is no growth in anything other than debt. It is the growth in debt we now confuse with economic growth.
Things will continue until the debt is purged from the global economic system. The only survivors will be people who have hard, physical assets like precious metals, food, water, land and guns. Lots of guns and ammo are being bought because people see what is now coming. The other precious metal is lead, as in for ammo.
We have a looming war in Syria. We have Russia openly mocking Obama and the USA. Putin’s body language at the G-8 summit pretty much said it all.

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