THE MOB 6-17-2013

One of the things the Supreme Court decision does is to make the American mob permanent. Polyibus writes that the reason democracies fail, especially the ancient Athenian one, was when the politicians figured out they could take money from one group and give it to another group. They could maintain power by doing this. The United States political elite figured this out several decades ago. They have used wealth redistribution to maintain and increase their own power. The Republicans have transferred wealth from the middle class to the corporations. The democrats have done the same thing by giving wealth to the urban mob.

The Supreme Court decision voiding the right of the states to ask for voter identification is the final nail in the coffin. This decision will be combined with the immigration amnesty to create a larger urban mob filled with new immigrants. 59 percent of immigrant families are on government assistance, despite being illegal. The multiple millions more will soon be feeding at the taxpayer funded trough. These newly created immigrant mob members will understand the Democratic Party is the golden teat supplying them the benefits. They will vote in mass for the Democrats. The Supreme Court has now guaranteed a PERMANENT DEMOCRAT MAJORITY DESIGNED TO FEED THE IMMIGRANT URBAN MOB.

By denying the states the right to regulate which newly created immigrant voters can vote, the Supreme Court has guaranteed the collapse of the American Republic. The Supreme Court has made political change impossible by doing so.
The USA will soon be in the same status as Oregon. The majority of the population in Oregon lives in Portland and Multnomah County. The population is very liberal and simply out votes the rest of the state. The newly created immigrant mob will outvote the native population.
The Supreme Court has now created a situation where peaceful political change will be impossible. Doomer Doug says the blood will be on the Supreme Court’s hands for what will happen in the next few years. There is some chance the legislative branch will overturn this decision. Doomer Doug is not holding his breath.
It is amazing the amount of governmental collapse the USA has undergone in June.
This is going to end badly. You can count on that.


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