Iran will be sending 4000 Revolutionary Guard troops to Syria in the next several days. Egypt has broken off diplomatic relations with Syria. A leading Sunni cleric has called for Jihad against the Shia baked regime of Assad Junior.

Several groups involved in the Syrian opposition are certified psychopaths. This includes eating the heart of a dead Syrian soldier, attempting to use Sarin nerve gas; the summary execution of a 14 year old boy for insulting Islam. It includes mass war crimes against Kurds, Christians and captured Syrian soldiers.

Our warmonger Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama has allied the USA with the Sunni branch of Islam against the Shia branch of Islam. Russia is now siding with the Shias.

We are looking at a regional war as various combat deployments are now being implemented. These include the 4000 Iranian troops, and the several hundred US Marines and Patriot missile batteries to Jordan. England is now sending 350 Royal Marines to Jordan for the “Eager Lion” exercises. Doomer Doug thinks the lion is indeed eager. Granted, Britain may still back out of Obama’s warmongering scenario.

At any rate, the arming of Sunni terrorist groups posing as the Syrian opposition is now in full swing. The no fly zone is a done deal. The rapid deployment of western military assets into Jordan is now ongoing. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and most of the North African Sunni Muslim nations are now on board for Obama’s jihad against the Shia off shoot of Assad Junior.
We are looking at war, and sooner rather than later.

One key thing will be how Russia will react. We have seen a good indication of that already. Russia is saying the no fly zone is illegal. They are saying, which is true, there is no credible evidence Assad junior has used weapons of mass destruction against the Syrian rebels. There IS credible evidence the Sunni Al Quaeda opposition has used them against Assad’s forces and Syrian civilians. There is CLEAR PROOF the Sunni opposition got caught with Sarin nerve gas in Turkey. Isn’t it amazing the western media didn’t report that too much?

Our warmongering Obama wants a war to distract the American people from the multiple scandals he is facing.
Russia is cleared hot. Iran is cleared hot. Hezzbollah is cleared hot. War is coming.

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