The powers that be don’t even make any attempt to hide their market manipulation at this point in the game. The Nikkei graph goes straight up at the open. Literally straight up for about 15 minutes. It goes up 3 percent and several hundred points. In the last half hour it lost nearly 1 percent of that gain. We are told with a straight face this is due, I’m not kidding here, to the rise on Wall Street and the “rosy US picture.” Doomer Doug is seeing thorns and not roses here in the USA these days.

Doomer Doug expected the pump monkeys to come out in full market manipulation mode. They were certainly out in force in the USA with the market rally. The US stock markets ignored what happened yesterday in Japan. No doubt Braying Bernie was using the red crisis phone to the Bank of Japan and extorting them to burn the yen printing presses to slag for today’s rally.
We shall see how the rest of the session plays out. The markets get into a hazy stupor that ignores economic reality on a fairly regular basis. It must be all the anti-depressants the global stock brokers are taking. One thing that could explain the crash of 2008 was everybody on Wall Street was stoned out of their minds on legal and illegal drugs.

The pump monkeys in Japan may hold off the beast this week. It only means Japan’s economic Godzilla will be back next week. He will be even more ticked off than he was this week. Markets do not go straight up or straight down. Well they do when they are rigged to go straight up, but that is just the pump monkeys. The pump monkeys must have been choking on their bananas yesterday.

They have come out swinging their greasy little paws defiantly at the looming global economic collapse. They get to do that. What they don’t get to do is change reality. They may ignore reality, but they may not ignore the consequences of economic reality.
We are also seeing the pump monkeys active in the Yen market. Again, the BOJ has the same dump money and ease fetish that Braying Bernie has. It must be a sexual thing with the federal reserve.
The markets will enjoy their rosy scenario today. And then we will go back and find out the thorns didn’t go anywhere.

It must be nice to print fiat money on a printer and spread it around like manure. It must be nice to ignore economic reality that you don’t happen to like. Doomer Doug is going to win the lottery one of these days too!
Or maybe some of my blog readers can shoot a few bucks my way at the go fund me site that is listed in the about section. It takes money to be a doomer you know!
Don’t get too energetic now that the pump monkeys have saved the morning session in the first hour. The lions are still around.


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