It is really pretty simple to understand the global stock market situation. If the markets and investors think the US Federal Reserve will continue to buy up vast amounts of US Treasuries and stocks, the markets will go up. The second the markets think, suspect, or realize Braying Bernie is going to put away his can of lighter fluid, the markets will crash and burn. The global stock markets are drug addicts using fiat money from central banks instead of crack cocaine.

It took Doomer Doug many years to realize this central feature of the modern economy. Pity poor Doomer Doug, who once thought, many years ago in my days, that stock markets actually reflected economic reality.

Sheesh, it is hard for Doomer Doug to remember when he was THAT NAIVE!

So gang, we will see a rally in Japan. The reason for the rally is the investment community is convinced that Braying Bernie still has a flamethrower to squirt on the stock barbeque.
Deficit? Don’t worry. Unpayable debt? Don’t worry.
Doomer Doug is not sure at what precise point in time the knowledge there is no more money will sink in. The exact point the fiat dollar collapses, or gold resumes its historical role in protecting value, is unknown to Doomer Doug.

The only thing Doomer Doug knows is the current system is not going to last. The timing is up to the pump monkeys. Speaking of pump monkeys, their standard operating procedure is quite simple. They take the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Index and they spray vast amounts of lighter fluid at them. See how simple that is. The FED prints worthless fiat money in vast amounts. It then spews them out like confetti at a parade. This is what all the stock market rallies are caused by. Profit? Who cares. Economic growth based on actual production increases? Who cares. Nope, all the FED does is print up fiat money and then throw it around all over the world. Who do you think has bought up all of Obama’s MULTITRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT THE LAST 4 YEARS?
Well, enjoy things while you can. Even Braying Bernie is starting to realize the game is up.

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