If our Marxist thug Obama wasn’t such a dangerous man, Doomer Doug might feel sorry for him! No, Doomer Doug won’t go there. There are other things going on in the world besides the Fukushima toxic contamination of Planet Earth. One of the things the media has picked up on is what I call the three scandal gates.

The first grenade is the Benghazi, Libya cover-up. This has gained no traction due to what I call the media-liberal government complex. This complex, like Ike’s Military Industrial Complex, has been around for decades. Obama has used it to suppress conservative dissent. Obama has used it to maintain his reign of Marxist terror. He has used it well. He has used it frequently. Unfortunately for Obama, he has shot himself in the testicles big time.

The three scandals are Benghazi gate, IRS gate, and AP gate. The first two have been ongoing for several months now. The IRS scandal is nothing new. Nixon used the IRS forty years ago to spy on John Lennon. The idea the IRS only collects taxes is delusional. Knowledge is power. IRS knowledge has been used for political purposes for decades. The media-government complex isn’t too upset conservative groups are being targeted. The media-government complex reserves its wrath for IRS scrutiny of liberal groups only. All things being even, the IRS scandal would have faded away in little time.

The second scandal is Benghazi gate. This refers to the other 9-11 attack. Napoleon said to never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. The US State Department reaction to Benghazi mostly meets this criteria. The US government is simply incompetent in many cases. The Benghazi scandal rises above the normal incompetence due to the actions of Hellary Clinton. Her history shows why that is. Again, Benghazi gate would dissipate into the mist like a bad case of flatulence if not for the third scandal.

The third scandal is AP gate. The radical leftist corporate media will tolerate the murder of a US ambassador in Libya. The US liberal media will tolerate conservative groups being targeted by the IRS. The liberal media will NEVER tolerate the Associated Press having its phones tapped by Holder and the Department of Justice. For starters, Eric Holder is gone. He should have been impeached for WACO back in 1993. He should have been impeached for the Black Panther voter bullying cover-up. He should have been impeached for Fast and Furious. He will be impeached for spying on the AP. Obama is now looking at a #$$$storm headed his way.

This #$%%storm will not be because Obama is a Marxist thug. It will not be because he is an arrogant, brain dead, ego stroking con artist with delusions of grandeur. It will be because he got caught spying on his core support mechanism. This mechanism is called the radical leftist media that has made excuses for every deviant behavior Obama has engaged in. They have shilled for him. They have lied for him. They have suppressed damaging information for him. The reward these loyal, stupid, and now very angry liberal mutton heads received from Obama was to have him tap their phones. The wrath of the betrayed media will be immense. It will not be a case of the media attacking Obama, although that may start to happen more. It will be a case of the media no longer defending Obama. Obama has used the media like the ozone layer filters out dangerous solar radiation. The Obama media ozone layer has been heavily damaged by the AP scandal.

Will Obama finally be impeached? Doomer Doug doubts it, but you never can tell with the gutless corporate Republicans. Obama has been badly wounded by the AP scandal. The AP scandal will allow all the other scandals that have been long suppressed to get some sunlight. Doomer Doug, back in his backpacking youthful days, once walked through a mountain valley that had a 700 year old Douglas Fir fallen over it. The sunlight was pouring in. The smaller plants were now growing in leaps and bounds due to the sunlight finally getting through.

Obama has been badly damaged. We shall see how this plays out. The media shills aren’t going to cover for their junior messiah anymore. Holder will be the one forced onto the sword. Doomer Doug can’t think of a better example than Holder to be castrated and cast aside. As for our Marxist Savior Obama, well let’s just say he wasn’t wearing a cup. Doomer Doug thinks he is regretting that by now.


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