Doomer Doug wrote his last blog entry less than twenty-four hours ago. Several very disturbing things have happened since then.

The general global disease context is there are three separate lethal diseases happening at the same time. The first is the killer flu virus in China. The second is the lethal virus/bacteria killing teenagers in Texas. The third is the ongoing spread of a lethal SARS type virus both in the MidEast and Europe.

The number of official flu cases in China is 131. This is four new cases in the last two weeks. The number of fatalities has gone from 21 two weeks ago to 35 today. Assuming there are no new cases, this means a kill rate percentage increase from 20 percent to over 30 percent. This is not logical. The kill rate shows the real and true number of flu cases is now 175. You get that number by maintaining the 20 percent kill rate. This is logical.

China is also now admitting a wave of “atypical pneumonia” in the area just north of Shanghai. This is ground zero of the lethal flu epidemic. This area has had flu cases since back in March. The Chinese admit the hospitals are being overwhelmed. They admit they are dealing with many cases. They just refuse to test for the lethal flu virus. No test means no disease. The Chinese government can then deny the spread of the lethal flu virus. If you don’t test for it, then it doesn’t exist.

France is now admitting two separate cases of the lethal SARS Mid East virus. They are also admitting human to human transmission. The second case was staying in the same room with the first case. The only way he could get sick is for human to human transmission. The SARS virus is in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, England, and now France.

The lethal virus in Texas has spread to the upper Mid West. Several teenagers have died from it over the last few weeks. The CDC and the WHO are using their patented spin control techniques in all three cases.

In summary, China is now experiencing the logical disease spread consistent with the mass travel earlier this month. The official version is ALL the cases in China are due to smog. Yes, gang, smog! This is not worthy of comment. Bejing has massive smog on a routine basis. They do not report overwhelmed hospitals. They do not report hundreds of cases of “atypical pneumonia.” Atypical pneumonia is a code word for the lethal flu that started in Shanghai back in February.

Doomer Doug has no idea how all this will play out. The Chinese reports are full consistent with the ongoing spread of the killer flu. The fact the Chinese government doesn’t admit this no longer matters. The real situation in China is there are overwhelmed hospitals in several areas of the east coast. The real situation is there are hundreds of cases of reported respiratory illness. We are told all of this has NOTHING to do with the killer flu. This is ridiculous. If you see a pile of bear poop, you can be sure the bear is not far away.

There will be bodies stacked like cordwood on the streets of China before the powers that be admit anything is going on.

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