Despite the best spin control efforts of Chinese authorities, the WHO, and the CDC a few things are becoming clearer regarding China’s Killer Flu.

The first is we are not dealing with a bird flu anymore. Many of the infected people had NO exposure to poultry, farms, or live poultry markets. Most of the birds tested weren’t infected with the flu virus. This means we are NOT dealing with a bird flu. We are dealing with a mutated virus that may have started out as a bird flu. It has now mutated into one that infects mammals and is no longer only in poultry. Why the authorities continue to say it is a bird flu, when exposure to birds is not required to be infected is beyond me. Why they persist in calling it a bird flu when few of the tested poultry are infected with it is beyond me.

The second issue is the disease vector now clearly includes the ability to transfer human to human. This has been true for several weeks now. Again, why the authorities continue to say exposure to poultry is required is not clear. We have had numerous examples of human to human transmission in family clusters. This is no longer in doubt.

The powers that be are still saying with a straight face that over the last two weeks there have been exactly four new cases. This is delusional. We KNOW there have been dozens to hundreds of cases of school children coming down with what we are told is the “flu.” We know the official flu season is over in China. We are being told that the school closures, and the many infected children have NOTHING to do with the lethal strain. This is no doubt because the Chinese health authorities are no longer testing these children. Assuming they have, it is clear they would deny positive results.

It is also clear that the reports of overwhelmed hospitals, school closures and sick students are fully consistent with the spread of the flu as a direct result of the mass travel earlier in May.
The process is slowly gaining speed. The true numbers of infected people is likely in the thousands by now. We shall see what happens over the next two week to six week time frame.
The deliberate and intentional denial of reality will have no impact on what the real reality is.
The powers that be can deny all they want. Something bad is happening in China related to the lethal flu virus. We can be sure of this.

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