It is clear to Doomer Doug that since the powers that be are openly suppressing accurate and timely disease data, we are on our own. This is not surprising to me at all. In fact, I expected it.

The disconnect between is really going on in China, versus what the powers that be are telling us is going on will continue to increase. The Chinese government, the CDC, and the WHO are in on the fix. So be it.

I am relying on two pieces of unofficial evidence to confirm my suspicions. The first one is the statement by Dr. Niman relating to several Shanghai hospitals being closed due to the overwhelming numbers of new flu cases. The official Chinese government version is there have been no new cases in Shanghai since April 13th. I believe Dr. Niman. He has consistently provided excellent information on both the Chinese flu and Saudi Arabian SARS type virus.

The next piece of unofficial information comes from a poster over at named China Connection. He has started a thread on the Chinese flu that is a fountainhead of information. Yesterday he posted a comment that the school where he teaches has started to see large numbers, or at least enough for him to notice, staying away from school because they are sick. Again, this is the kind of information we are going to have to use. The powers that be certainly aren’t going to tell us what is happening.

Doomer Doug squints his four eyes together and concludes the following based on this latest information. Tens of millions of Chinese moved around China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan during the May 1st holiday period. Doomer Doug predicted that this would lead to an increase in flu cases in the ten day to two or three week period. And VIOLIA!!!!!! According to China Connection at his school is starting to see students get sick and stay home. Are you seeing a pattern here, gang??? Again, there will be NO news stories about this. The Chinese government will ignore it. The CDC and the WHO will remain silent.

It is perfectly consistent for the disease incubation and vector method for school children to be getting sick starting on May 7th. This gives a one week incubation period for the flu. We know the period between infection and the first potential symptoms has been around seven days. We also KNOW some of the infected people are asymptomatic for longer than that. We also KNOW that even people who are showing flu symptoms will test NEGATIVE for the flu. The Taiwan man came home from China, wandered around for three days, showed symptoms, and then went into the hospital. It took several more days before he tested positive for the flu virus.

There are right now tens of millions of people roaming around China who have been exposed to this flu virus. How many of them will become infected is unknown. How many will begin to show symptoms is unknown. How many will be asymptomatic is unknown. How many will test negative for a week or two is unknown. We can say that over twenty percent of the people who actually do get infected will eventually die.

If Doomer Doug is correct, China Connection will be viewed as the canary in the coal mine in the months ahead. It is from first person reports like his we will understand what is actually happening in China.

The first dribble of new flu cases has begun. It was caused by tens of millions of Chinese citizens being exposed to the flu virus during the recent holiday period. The first concrete sign of this is this report of children becoming sick and staying home from school. We shall see what happens in the next week or two.


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