It is now apparent that the Chinese government is not reporting the true numbers of flu cases. The number of cases went from 125 to 127 and stopped. The reason it stopped is not because there have been no new cases. The reason it stopped was the reporting was stopped. China went from daily reports to weekly reports. The weekly reports show a total of two cases for the last week. This is beyond comprehension considering there were at least three or four cases a day all through April.

The Chinese have now returned from the May Day holiday travel period. They have clearly been exposed to this lethal flu virus. It has now effectively spread all over mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The Chinese government is up to its old tricks again. They pulled the same cover-up methods with the SARS virus ten years ago. The Chinese government is no doubt thinking if they ignore the flu virus it will go away. At any rate, we will know one way or the other within the next ten to fourteen days. It has been well documented there are people who are infected that are asymptomatic. It has been well documented there are infected people who test negative for the flu virus. The Taiwan case comes to mind.

The other flu virus in the news is the Saudi Arabian one. This SARS like virus first was detected in medical staff in Jordan over one year ago. It has now resurfaced in Saudi Arabia. One of the infected people went back to England where he infected several family members. This virus has confirmed human to human transmission. We shall see how this plays out. The lethal rate is seven for seven documented cases in Saudi Arabia. We have no idea of how many people were infected. The Saudi government is also playing the cover up game.

Doomer Doug is looking for three things at this point.
One is the first documented case in Hong Kong. This may have already happened and not been reported.
Two is the first documented case in Japan.
Three is a spread of the flu virus in Taiwan.

Vietnam is also dealing with yet another flu virus that is causing hundreds of cases a week in the northern area near China and Hanoi.

We now have three separate lethal flu strains loose at the same time. Doomer Doug does not see how one of them will not turn into an epidemic at the regional level.
The jury is still out on whether we will see a global pandemic start in China. Doomer Doug has seen no evidence the global health authorities have been doing anything other than telling lies about the true nature of the situation.
Of course, this is nothing new. China did it with the SARS virus. They are doing it with the current lethal flu virus. One of the things that results from their under count of new cases is that it increases the kill rate. The total was 24 out of 127 a week ago. It is now 31 out of 127. The increase in dead is nearly 300 percent in one week alone. Again, that increase is due to the several hundred actual new cases not being admitted.

Like Doomer Doug said, we will have a clearer idea within the next two weeks. The reports of overwhelmed hospitals in Shanghai continue to circulate on the Internet. The official Chinese government position is there have been NO new flu cases in Shanghai for the last three weeks or so. This is so blatant a lie as to make one wonder what they are thinking. The Chinese government is so used to deceiving their own people they apparently think they can con the world with impunity. The fact the WHO and CDC are co-conspirators in this deception merely confirms what Doomer Doug has long thought.
We are on our own in regards to this flu, gang.

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