Doomer Doug has noticed a certain phrase being used by Chinese health authorities when talking about the people exposed to the 125 confirmed cases of flu. April 23rd had a total of 108 documented flu cases. April 25th had a total of 120. Today the 28th we are assured there were only five additional cases in a three day period. This is when the average increase has been in the three to five per day range. Perhaps the Chinese government is under counting documented cases.

Today also saw the admission of a second case in Hunan deep in central China. The flu will continue to spread.

The phrase “abnormal symptoms” Doomer Doug finds very interesting. We know hundreds of people were exposed to infected flu carriers. This is a fact. Doomer Doug simply notes the official Chinese government response is not to say there have been no symptoms in the hundreds of people exposed to infected people. They are instead saying that there have been no “abnormal symptoms.” Doomer Doug has no idea of what criteria Chinese health officials use to determine the difference between a normal symptom and one that is abnormal.

This is yet another example of the systematic coverup of the flu epidemic by Chinese officials. It should be clear to anybody with a brain that this means these exposed people are clearly suffering from normal symptoms of their flu exposure. We are also being assured that there is no human to human transmission. Okay! At any rate, Doomer Doug finds the admission these exposed people are suffering normal symptoms disturbing. One would assume normal symptoms to flu exposure would be high fever, coughing and things like that. The Chinese government has as usual decided the policy of the cover up, misdirection and withholding of the actual data to be the way to go. The Chinese government routinely uses these methods when dealing with unpleasant facts.

Doomer Doug will only say these exposed people are now obviously exhibiting “normal symptoms” in response to their flu exposure. While Doomer Doug is not sure what that means, it doesn’t sound very good.

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  1. With symptoms not showing up for 12 days in one case and 8 in another, and that the authorities over there have already stated they will NOT be checking people in airports, etc…this is going to leave us wide open for international spread of this flu in a big way if it becomes easily transmitted H2H. As and R.N., this flu scares the heck out of me and will watch this one closely. It is more lethal than the 1918 Spanish flu at present. We could be looking at a major pandemic. Pray it doesn’t turn out this way….


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