The level of chaos in the world today is truly amazing. For those of us who have been around a few decades, what is accepted as normal now would have been in our youth considered insanity. The whole slow cooking the frog syndrome in my opinion. The New World Order is like a Python swallowing some large rodent. They year by year, and decade by decade, gradually restrict freedom. You don’t notice it much on a year to year basis, but if you compare where the USA was in 1970 to today the creeping fascist state becomes clear.

I am dealing with two defining events in human history. One is the Fukushima reactor issue that is now 2 years old. It is something we will be dealing with for the next 100,000 years. Human history, as defined by writing, only goes back 6,000 years. We know all three reactors melted down the first 72 hours, even if it took TEPCO six months to admit it. We know there is a massive release of toxic radiation into the air, water and ground in Japan. We know the criminal actions by Japan’s government in burning radioactive debris in incinerators meant that all of Japan is now damaged. The Pacific Ocean food chain is now heavily contaminated by the billions of gallons of radioactive water TEPCO has pumped into the ocean. We know there is a burning mass of fuel rods outside of the containment vessel. Fukushima is not contained. It is not controlled. It is an ongoing environmental disaster that will redefine the human experience on planet Earth for thousands of years into the future. We have added a new way to date time. We now have before Fukushima and after Fukushima.

Next, we have the open seizure by the globalist elite of depositor funds in bank accounts in Cyprus. This is also a defining economic event. Nobody with an IQ above 9 will now keep any more money in their bank accounts than needed to pay current bills. This change in attitude will redefine the global economic system from credit to cash, barter and precious metals. There is no global economic system if there is no debt, no credit and no banking system. The EU has killed all that in Cyprus.

The world has gone mad.

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