Doomer Doug has to admire the chutzpah of the EU authorities in arbitrarily seizing between seven and ten percent of bank deposits in Cyprus. Every single person who has a banking account in any Cyprus bank just lost money. The insolence of government is never to be underestimated.

Unfortunately for the governments, everybody with a brain will now reduce their exposure to potential governmental rape and pillage of their bank accounts. Anybody who has more than $1000 dollars in their bank accounts is a moron. If they have even $500 after Tuesday, Europe has a bank holiday on Monday, they are even bigger morons.

The other interesting thing is a lot of Russian Mafia drug money is cleansed by Cyprus banks. If EU leaders start dying in the next few days, it will be from Russian Mafia hit men taking revenge. And finally, this unilateral asset looting is coming to the USA soon enough. The effort to privatize Social Security so the Wall Street Whores could loot it failed under Bush junior. Obama will soon turn to looting IRA accounts to finance his Marxist terror agenda.

I will post on Fukushima soon. Human life on planet Earth is now officially over IMHO. Stories like Cyprus are now little more than filler. Economics doesn’t matter now that the entire planet is being radiated by Fukushima.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Granted, he exterminated the original Celtic culture and replaced it with Roman fascism, but hey, it isn’t like the Roman Catholic Church is anything other than rehashed paganism.

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