THE HOBBIT 12-14-2012
The good news is Doomer Doug didn’t experience any vertigo while watching the 2D version of “The Hobbit.” The bad news is Doomer Doug has some issues with this movie. The first is The Hobbit is a rather bloated movie. Doomer Doug has the feeling Peter Jackson could have made one fantastic movie out of the Hobbit; he could have made two very good movies out of the material. Unfortunately, the suits in Hollywood, or New Zealand, know a cash cow when they see one. The Hobbit was easily thirty minutes too long, too bloated, and too tedious. The first half hour could easily be called “Animal House” with Dwarves, Wizard and Hobbit. I am not saying these scenes of food fights, dwarf and Hobbit bonding didn’t have their moments. My point is there were way too many moments of this.

If Jackson intends to add an extra thirty minutes to each of his three planned movies, well you have one movie right there. After having sat through seven, count them, seven movie previews, and then waiting, waiting, waiting for the action to start, the Hobbit must be seen as a slow starting movie. The other thing I didn’t like was a certain flavor of “didn’t we see this in the LOTR trilogy?” Let’s just say that at several points in the movie Jackson repeated scenes from the first movie series.

However, once the Hobbit got in gear it lived up to its name. It is, eventually, fast paced, exciting, very violent and continues the LOTR series orc hacking. At times the Hobbit feels like a reunion movie with all the cameo shots of the LOTR characters. My final opinion is I could have waited to see this on DVD. At least then I could have avoided seven movie previews, as well as the first 30 minutes of food fights, male bantering, and dwarves doing dishes. Doomer Doug thinks the length of the movies will prevent them from being the cultural event the Lord of the Rings series was. I also think movie ticket sales will fade fairly fast. The Hobbit is a long movie. It is tedious, bloated and quite honestly, boring in the beginning. I kept thinking when does it start?

The Hobbit is a perfect example of what happens when finances overwhelm artistic considerations. Doomer Doug does not recommend this movie. If you see it in a theater, you should be aware of the issues I talked about above. However, I think most non hard core LOTR fans can easily wait till it comes out on DVD. After you put it in the DVD player, hit the fast forward until you see Bilbo running away from the Shire. This is a good thirty minutes into the film by the way.

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