This blog entry is part of a campaign to bring attention to some Amazon computer issues that are impacting writers who publish their e books on Amazon Kindle Select. I am one of those writers, and I have seen my sales collapse since September. In September, Amazon did several things which overwhelmed their cheap computer system and caused e book sales to be under reported.

Amazon added both India and Japan to their sales areas. The USA and Europe combined come to 600 million people. India has 1.2 Billion people. Japan has 125 million people. Obviously, Amazon botched the effort and overwhelmed their modest computer system. In addition, Amazon added another level of complexity by introducing the Kindle Fire platform. The total effect of all this was to make their ability to accurately account for e book sales dysfunctional.

Amazon has made matters worse by denying their is a problem. Amazon also had their “buy now” fail to work for the big six publishers. It is my opinion that Amazon has serious computer issues, both hardware, software, as well as competence issues with their computer staff. Amazon has most likely outsourced their IT department to India. Anyone who has dealt with Indian call centers for customer service issues understands what I am talking about.

Doomer Doug is proud to join the many Amazon writers who are being harmed by Amazon’s incompetence. I think the final result of all this will be many writers pull their e books from Kindle Select and publish elsewhere. I doubt Amazon thinks much of us so called independent writers, but that is a mistake in my opinion.

While there is talk of a class action lawsuit, that will take years and the lawyers will get most of the money. However, I have filed a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General’s office for all the good that will do.

This under reporting of author e book sales has been called Kindlegate and is starting to attract some media attention. Further, Amazon is dealing with the European Union on issues related to tax evasion, or possibly tax fraud for their European operations. All in all, Amazon and Jeff Bezos are not having a good last three months.

Doomer Doug would ask Jeff Bezos one question. “Why haven’t you acknowledged your computer system is under counting author e book sales?” “Why don’t you care about the financial harm and stress you are causing people?”

Doomer Doug expects no answer from Mr. Bezos. We are little people, and Jeff doesn’t care about little people.

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