ISRAEL IS GOING IN! 11-16-2012

Well gang, the fecal material is about to fly between Israel and Gaza. Unfortunately, we are now looking at a regional Middle Eastern War. I am writing this post at 2pm PST.

Several new developments have happened since my post yesterday. It is now around midnight November 16th in Israel. In less than six hours it will be dawn, and Israel may very well start ground combat operations into Gaza. Israel may wait for the additional 75,000 called up reserves to deploy, or they may not. By the way, Israel has mobilized, 30,000, plus 16,000, and now 75,000 for a total of 121,000 combat troops. In addition, Israel has its entire 600,000 strong IDF at full combat alert. We are looking at the full 600 plane air force, the full navy deployed off the Gaza coast, as well as hundreds of tanks, self-propelled howitzers and infantry APC vehicles. Israel has the military forces it will need to invade Gaza anytime it wants to.

The other key issue for Doomer Doug is the missile attacks on Jerusalem, as well as the missile attacks from Egyptian controlled Sinai Peninsula. There are also credible reports of Syria’s Assad Junior attacking rebel forces in the Golan Heights area. Besides all that, Hezzbollah is likely taking military preparation steps as well. Iran also just moved several thousand centrifuges to a new underground location in preparation for an air attack. To top all of that off, a rabbi being interviewed by the BBC was caught off mike saying it is “all about Iran.” Well, yes it is.

Doomer Doug thinks what is going on now between Gaza and Israel must be viewed in a wider military context. To be perfectly blunt about it, Israel is securing its southern border in preparation for a first strike into Iran. You can shell from the sea all you want; you can bomb from the air all you want, but if you are SERIOUS about taking out HAMAS missile launch ability you have to send in armor and infantry to kill the crews and blow up the infrastructure. It really all does come down to infantry. It has always come down to infantry when you want to do the job correctly.

At this point the world situation is in a fundamental and extremely grave situation. There is no way Israel will tolerate missile attacks on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Tel Aviv has nearly one half of Israel’s total population. Jerusalem has symbolic importance that cannot be overestimated. No gang, Doomer Doug is seeing the IDF going into Gaza as soon as six hours from now, but certainly in the next few days, with the emphasis on few. There is no way Israel can tolerate ongoing, massive missile strikes on its people and territory. The continual incoming HAMAS missile fire will not be allowed to continue without Israel dealing with it. It is a fact that when Israel invades Gaza to deal with the incoming missile fire it will set off a #$$%%storm of violence. The vapor has been building up in the sealed room for a long time now. It will only take one spark, and Israel going into Gaza will be that spark.

Egypt and the rest of the Arab world will get involved. Iran and Hezzbollah, and possibly Assad Junior will get involved. It is clear to Doomer Doug we are on the edge now.

If you have any final preps to do, Doomer Doug suggests you do them today. Right after Doomer Doug finishes this blog post he is going to head out and buy some extra prep items. It is that close gang.

Considering my Internet handle is Doomer Doug it is to be expected people will think I am crying Wolf, So be it. I do not think any reasonable person can, upon a sober reflection of what is happening right now in Israel think we are not about to go tumbling over the waterfall. We shall see, but I have to tell you, unless you are seeing something I am not, I think war is imminent in the Mid East. Take care.

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