HERE WE GO AGAIN! 11-15-12

Doomer Doug was in the US Army back in October of 1973 when the Yom Kippur War happened. The result is Doomer Doug has always focused on the Middle East and its chaos.
HAMAS, or a subgroup of them, has now launched long range Iranian missiles at Tel Aviv and killed three people. Israel must now rethink its entire defense posture because what they thought the threat from HAMAS was, isn’t. Tel Aviv is now subject to missile attack from both the north and south or West Bank.
Israel has mobilized 30,000 Reserve troops and is massing them on the Gaza border. Egypt is recalling diplomats and saying they will send combat troops into the Sinai area near Gaza. They may very do that if, or when, Israel launches a ground offensive in the very urban Gaza Strip.
How bad all this gets will depend on who gets involved and why IMHO. Hezzbollah in southern Lebanon can fire missiles into Israel any time it wants to. Iran is on the fringes playing its own game. Syria is also a factor if Assad junior sees a chance to take the heat off of his regime. Syria means Turkey; Turkey means NATO; NATO means Russia will get involved.
At this point it is too soon to know what will happen in the next 24 hours. Doomer Doug will be looking for three things: One is does Israel launch a ground assault with the 30,000 Reserve troops it just mobilized? Two is what does Egypt do in response to a ground invasion of Gaza. Three is what does Hezzbollah do in response to any of the above.
Doomer Doug also understands that Jordan, as well as the West Bank, are having riots in response to Israel’s air raid into Gaza etc. This is just more gasoline on the fire IMHO.
We are on the edge here IMHO. The Mayan 12-21-12 prophecy is looking to be more interesting the closer we get to December 21st.
Keep your eyes on this one people. It has the potential to set off a regional war in the entire middle east. My opinion is Israel will send ground troops into Gaza. After that, like the French King said, “Apres Moi, les deluge.” After me, the deluge.

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