Doomer Doug has been watching this election cycle closely. The liberal extreme media bias, as well as the polling bias, has prevented a clear picture of why Romney is going to win.

All elections are decided by the people who actually vote. This is always less than the 100% potential voter numbers. This election cycle the likely voters have become certain voters for one reason only. They hate Obama and all he stands for. They hate him so much they will come out in droves to vote him out of office. They are not voting “for” Romney; they are voting against Obama. The liberal media and polls have missed this simple fact. This race is not going to be close IMHO.

Doomer Doug is predicting Romney will have a five to ten percent lead in the popular vote. Romney will have 300 electoral votes. We will see Chris Mathews do his version of the wicked witch meltdown in Wizard of OZ live on MSNBC.

This election will be decided by the ABO voters. The Anybody but Obama voters will elect Mitt Romney


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